Mint Eco Wash Options with Our 5/15 Promise

Our goal is to complete an exterior wash in 5 minutes or less and a full-service wash in 15 minutes or less…without sacrificing quality. We don’t want you to be put off by a line at the Mint Eco. From the moment you drive up you can be sure you’ll be leaving with a clean car in 5/15. This is a bold goal, please be patient as we make the incremental changes necessary to achieve 5/15, especially in our first season, on high traffic days, and on days when your car may need extra attention.

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Wash Packages


The Protect Package, simply put, provides maximum protection for your vehicle. It provides all of the benefits of our other wash packages, plus an additional layer of clean protection. Our unique combination of environmentally safe cleaning solutions' deep cleans the vehicle surface and undercarriage to remove dirt, bugs, salt, etc. Then we apply a myriad of conditioners and sealants to provide protection against damaging environmental conditions such as bugs, UV rays, Acid Rain, Salt air, etc.


This package takes our "Clean Package" a step further. Not only does your car get cleaned and dried in our 26 step wash process, but we will also apply wax to your vehicle's surface and hand apply tire shine to your wheels to give your exterior the extra pop it deserves.


Designed for our budget minded customer that needs a quick wash and towel dry to keep their car touched up. This includes our 26-step wash process.

Unlimited Clean, Unlimited Green

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